Month of Cancer – Growing Quarter Moon through Summer Solstice

If I had to demonstrate the current dynamics of the Planetary Geometry in a simple way I might do so by enticing you with a high Spiritual reward for your kind Altruistic support and then deliver your “reward” with punishment like results in struggles that you are facing.

There is a real split aspect between the heavenly Grand Trine forming between Neptune, Saturn and the planets coming to trine them over the next month, and the deadly Cardinal Grand Cross that is forming sequentially after the Trines resolve.

Talk about dashing our societal hopes with more challenging times.  Which faction will win out for the future of this world paradigm?

Lets look at the coming actions that the planetary rulers of fate have in mind for us over this next week, as Quarter Moon now fulfills itself as it grows strong to the Full Moon Early Morning of June 23rd, 2013.

The Quarter Moon in Libra was around 12 noon June 16th, 2013.  For those who want to follow the observance of “Saturn” at this time the Saturnday period starts near 12 midnight June 16th, 2013 and will be felt until 12 midnight the night of June 17th, 2013.  In the Olden days of Babylon the Moon Periods may have been observed by honoring the God of the Moon Phase.  On the New, Full and Two Quarter Moons Saturn would be honored through Rest, Important Practical Considerations (undone business) and Spiritual practice, which honors both the Feminine and Masculine (Capricorn and Aquarian) aspects of Saturn.  I believe that these are the ancient origins of the “Sabbath Day” of rest.

It is interesting to note that this Quarter Moon, as it enters 12 degrees Libra (at June 17th, 2013 5:23pm Boulder, CO) will be in opposition with Uranus and Square to Pluto, forming a T-Square that is representing a physical struggle between our indivduality and the Transformations in Society.  The pace of transformation seems to be slowing, as the Sun comes into opposition with it July 1st, 2013.  Now as Mars is Sextile Uranus our individual drives to transform the material resources we have into Home and Family and growth of household abundance are energized.  We are driven, but not feeling the assistance that we may desire from others.  Yet, we as individuals are hard at work engaged in ways to make our home situations better over time.

In the Babylonian Lunar Month of Cancer a natural focus is upon our own families and household interests.  Counter to these considerations are the interests of other people.  At this time we can consider what the role of others are in our family affairs.  This is a time to communicate with others how they may help play a role in the household affairs that you currently may be considering and feeling.  Remember that a household or a family can be on any scale.  The quality of “That which Nurtures” defines the home and family in this instance.

We are considering how others, i.e. “outsiders” to our system of nurture influences our ability to nurture.  We can find it challenging at this time to ask others for assistance, but we find that circumstances may dictate this to us.  Yet, we find ourselves rather alone in our individual efforts.  The society that we may want the support of is feeling very giving, but does not currently have funds to give.

By July 8th, 2013 the situation will be completely different as Jupiter comes trine with Saturn and Neptune.  Work hard now to set up the charitable structures so that you may reap the charitable giving from altruistic society.  If you are feeling altruistic you may consider creating a movement or organization at this time or helping others with resources.

Not only have we been going through an individual struggle with societal changes, but our altruistic, non-ego mindsets have been drawing us deeper into a social solution to help create more stability and security at home.  This irks our individuality a bit, since we are not certain if the society at large is working in ways that will serve our individual natures.

If you are seeking funds of others you may express this on July 10th, 2013 when the moon cnj. Leo will be expressing and Jupiter is ready to be giving abundance of summer.

Moon and Relationships

With Venus Cnj. Mercury in Early Babylonian Leo this is the time to begin expressing all that we have been intuitively feeling about our current relationships.  As we begin to express all that we have been feeling we may come across a bump in the road, areas that feel unresolved or tense.  This is common.  We are beginning to express to others about a structural change that we are relating to in our selves, or our private worlds around us.  This may have to do with other people and their resources.  While Mercury and Venus are conjuct (through June 25th, 2013) is a special time of intuitive communication about what we are feeling.  Take good advantage of good clear intuitive expression to those you relate to.  Consider how you are expressing your communication and relating.  How are you relating to other people’s belongings?  Are you expressing a need for others to give to you right now?

The Moon and our Logical Mind

Our logical minds, as represented by Mercury, oscilates between an intuitive mode of perceiving and a logical one.  In between these two insites is a state of general confusion that we tend to exist in much of the time.  We are currently in  time of heightened intuition.  Our intuition is very clear as Mercury remains in a setting position out of combustion with the sun.  In Conjunction with Female Venus, Mercury is expressing its more feminine and loving side with messages of kindness, expressing the heights of feelings for our loved ones in this season.  As Mercury goes retrograde June 25th, 2013 the messages will become more internalized and possibly directed towards oneself.  Our clear intuitions are helping us analyze our actions to get things done well.  We are feeling abundantly beneficial with kind feelings at this time.  We feel and express our emotional energy as intuitions.  Sometimes things change internally, or just under the surface, before the changes are realized externally as a collective.  The changes have happened, and we feel them.  Intuitively we are beginning to express this.  We are creatively playing with these changes within our intuitive minds.  It is wise to act now on our clear intuitive perceptions before the world makes us respond out of desperation.  Our clear intuitions and current drive to work hard can make us the fore-leader to lead society to the next cause if we decide to act now on the changes that we can privately perceive.

Quick Weekly Forecast of Daily Highlights

June 17th, 20123:  around 6 pm the Moon trine Mars is opposing Uranus.  This should give individuals an added nice feeling to drive them forwards in their personal work day to day to build their home and family resources.  You may have a physical sense of ease that gets in the way of current progress.  This may be a time of realization that the societal transformation that we as individuals may be struggling for are not readily changing.  This T-Square may feel like we are personally a little defeated.  Instead of continuing the struggle to change society, maybe we will start to see that Society itself may need the extra security right now, and that our drives are beginning to take us to a point of wanting to rejoin with the Social order instead of fight to change it.  There will likely be allot of personal expression to those who we relate to about this.

June 18th, 2013:  The Aspect of the Sun and the Moon is transitioning through a trine on this day.  This is what we can call “Moon day” on the 7 period lunar week.  Yet, this Moon day will likely bring us into our deeper emotions about the feelings we have about changes at home, or how societal changes are effecting your home and family.  It is a nice easeful day, but deep and moody about the lack of stability lately.

June 19th, 2013:  We come forth engaged about are career work, how we can transform other people’s resources towards our own practicle ends and goals.  Today is “Mars Day”.  Focus on your individual career today.

June 20th, 2013:  A good day of clear intuition to help with your business communications.

June 21st, 2013:  A full Summer Solstice report is coming soon.

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